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Developing and supporting your website, you constantly have to pay for the hosting, for the domain, and of course, for the content. You spend hundreds of dollars to have all that, but you still need to earn some profit from your website! Increasing your income is the main goal of our work!

Earning money on your own website is really a big problem. A website owner can publish context and banner ads or sell some products. But those ads will never repay even a tenth of those costs, and if you sell a product, you have to manufacture or purchase it first. That is why the ideal way is attracting sponsors for your project. And this is where GetGoodLinks can help you.

How GetGoodLinks helps your website earn profit for you?

You have a good website but you don't know how you can earn on it? We cooperate with thousands of advertisers all over the world. They need link promotion, and in order to get that, they are ready to provide sponsorship for other projects. All you have to do is publish a text ad about one of our partners in your article or at your website, and that will bring a few dollars onto your account.

Working with us, you'll never have to pay copywriters and hosters from your own pocket. And if you already possess enough articles, you'll start earning your profit right away!

Why GetGoodLinks is the best choice?

You want to help other websites develop and earn on your own website at the same time? With us you'll have the opportunity to make your wish come true! We are sure that our competitive advantages described below will help you make the right choice and join GetGoodLinks.

High publisher earnings

Our system offers prices starting from $2 for one text ad. The exact cost depends on the specifications of your website. You are allowed to fulfill as many tasks as you want to. Hence, GetGoodLinks does not limit your earnings and the total amount depends on you only.

Saving time

Our database offers over 5,000 partners who wish to sponsor other websites, so you'll never have a problem finding tasks if you work with us. You can fulfill a task just in an hour and get the corresponding reward onto your account right away.

Express payments

payments are effected three times a week. So you won't have to wait a month to get the money you've earned.

Advanced affiliate program

You can also earn your profit by drawing in other users to the system. You'll get 20% of their commission!

Competitive advantages

Unlike the competitors paying just a few cents for a link leading to the customer website and effecting their payments once a month only, what we do is providing sponsorship for your website, paying well for your job and effecting those payments every other day.