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Advertiser faq's

Give more info on the quality of the links

What kind of websites are the links published at?

How many websites of that kind are there in your database?

Can this kind of link publishing do any harm to my website?

Will I be able to see the exact URL of the page containing the link?

How about link indexation?

How long will it take for my website to get to the top?

Some linkbuilding brokers offer automatic publishing for huge numbers of links at low prices. What's the trick?

What happens to the links if I quit using the system?

What kind of guarantees do I get?

What kinds of websites are banned for promotion with GetGoodLinks?

Publisher faq's

How much can I earn on my website?

What exactly will I get paid for?

How will it work in practice?

How often will I receive tasks?

Any details about money withdrawal?

What is your partner program like?

How long does it take to get response from your support service?

Any information on the rules for accepting websites to the system?

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